Marjory Clement

  • Graduate Student (2016-current), Valeev Research Group, Virginia Tech
  • BS (2012-2016), Belhaven University, Jackson, MS

  • Research Interests:
    1. Massively-parallel implementations of reduced-scaling quantum chemical methods
    2. Reduction of computational complexity via virtual space optimization
  • Presentations
    1. Marjory Clement, Fabijan Pavosevic, Chong Peng, and Edward F. Valeev, “Towards a Massively-Parallel Simulation of Reduced-Scaling Coupled-Cluster Methods,” Southeastern Theoretical Chemistry Association (SETCA) Annual Meeting, Oxford, MS (2017).
    2. Chong Peng, Marjory Clement, Jinmei Zheng, and Edward F. Valeev, “Exploration of Reduced Scaling Approaches to EOM-CCSD,” American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting, Washington, DC (2017).